The worst place for a space capsule to land, is in the middle of the
ocean. But that's where the Garuda's capsule now floated. The strong
gale had blow my parachute off course.

But I was lucky. There were spare oxygen tanks, some snacks, water,
and a machete.

So I lay back, and ate some chips. I hadn't prepared for a water landing.
And I wasn't feeling strong enough to navigate the ocean. Hopefully the
waves would bring me to some shore.

There were a thousand things that could go wrong. I could bump into
pirates. I could be picked up the navy. Or worse, I could end up floating
in the ocean forever.

Being stuck in a small space in the middle of the ocean, alone, doesn't
help with the paranoia and panic attacks. I didn't want to have one right
now. I'd just landed. Back on earth. This was home. If I were to die, this
would be the place to do it.

But I wasn't ready to die. Not now. Not after coming this far.
I should sleep, I thought.
Sleep had always been the perfect way to kill time in the past. But not
today. I could hear the waves crashing against the capsule. The capsule
wasn't exactly a boat. The nausea was kicking in.
Fucking hell! I should sleep, I thought.

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